Misty Pearl on America’s Great Loop and The Down East Circle

Here are maps of Misty Pearl’s stops along way, right down to our actual slips.  (Except for Beaufort, N.C., where D Dock is too new for Google Maps.)  Pressing one of the little red balloon-looking thingys on the first map will load up our blog posts related to that spot on The Down East Circle.   The second map will do the same for our Great Loop posts.

Misty Pearl on The Down East Circle


Misty Pearl on America’s Great Loop


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UPDATE 6/25/2020

For those who don’t make it through 200+ posts, here’s the spoiler.  We completed the Great Loop last June, and completed the Down East Circle last October.  We’re self-quarantined aboard for a bit.  No more blog posts, but you can see what we’re doing on Instagram.  @douganddanaandaboat.  #mistypearllife.  Created by our much more hip daughters.  Although we’ve been pretty bad at it so far.

5 thoughts on “Misty Pearl on America’s Great Loop and The Down East Circle”

  1. Hi Doug and Dana, We are on Kara Mia (Ron and Karen and Santa). We finished our loop a few weeks ago and was finishing up our blog tonight. Not sure how we hooked up to your blog??? Had several similarities – Ron grew up in Tennessee, Karen in Texas, the loop – and all…..so just wanted to say “Hi”. We are back home in Nashville.

    1. Hi Ron and Karen (and Santa). Brent and Karen (Second Wave) told us about you guys. Congratulations on finishing the Loop! Doug and Dana and Oscar and Benny.

  2. Hi Doug and Dana- I’ve read you entire journey – at least the part memorialized in the blog! – and want to congratulate you on your humorous and adventurous “grab life by the balls” approach to mid-life. Good for you guys! My partner and I are both mid-transition from our careers in New Mexico and are about to embark on a similar adventure. We are under contract to buy a Selene 43 in the Pacific Northwest, and we are thrilled. We don’t have quite the gumption that you guys have. We are planning 4-6 months a year on the boat. We love our place here in NM, but one of us in particular (that would be me) is happiest while on the water. (We both grew up in the Bay Area, and as I grow older I find myself longing more and more for the ocean.). Thanks for writing about how fun and enriching this whole trip can be!

    1. Congratulations on selecting a mighty fine boat! We loved Arizona so know how you feel, but full-time cruising is a life-changing adventure. Best of luck!

  3. On the selen e owners blog site their is a selene 47 for sale. Kika

    . Looks nice!! Warrsn

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