Well we aren’t really bloggers, but then we weren’t really ready to become homeless either.  In any event this website hopefully will help anybody interested to stay somewhat current on our travels and travails.  If you want to know more about us, you can read the “About Us” page.  Duh.  The “Follow” button at the bottom apparently will get our updates delivered to your email in-box.  (WordPress swears that nobody will get your address.)  These updates may range from a sentence or two to Doug’s awesome drone videos or Dana’s even more awesome photos of sunsets and sunrises and landscapes and seascapes and wildlife.  And maybe a random Monty Python reference or Caddyshack line now and again.  If we don’t make it back from the high seas–and by high seas we mean mostly shallow waters near sheltered marinas–at least our electronic diary will allow future generations to marvel at our stupidity.

If you want to start at the beginning, here’s a link:  The start of it all.

If you want to check out the beginning of the Down East Circle, here’s a link for that:  Of Beginnings and Endings, and Beginnings.

In 2021, we headed north on a new boat, seeing new sights along a familiar path.  Those posts start here:  We’re back in the saddle again!

We spent much 2022 in Canada, we forged a different path on that same different boat, ending the summer in Green Bay:   A post with the primary purpose being to report that we’re back underway

2023?  Planning still in the works.

So give us a follow.  Leave us a comment.  You also can get a taste of what we’re doing by checking out our Instagram.  @douganddanaandaboat.  Created by our much more hip daughters.  Although we’ve been pretty bad at it so far.

10 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi Guys, I spent a good chunk of my day reading the entire collection. Hilarious and inspiring all in one. Thanks for sharing. Charley

    1. Hi Charley. Thanks for the kind words. We are loving life, although it’s hotter than blazes today.

    2. Hi Dana and Doug! It was truly a pleasure meeting you yesterday! The girls (Emma and Addison) we’re thrilled to climb aboard your beautiful vessel while docked at Schuyler Yacht Basin overnight. We’re having a slower start today, but I’m certain we will be causing some confusion again very soon among the Lock Masters In Champlain Canal. We will give a honk and some exciting waves if we approach and pass by the Misty Pearl. We will be following your blog to keep track of your exciting travels.

      Happy Boating,

      Tom Krzycki & Wendy Corbino
      (aka Captain & First Mate of the Mystic Pearl)

      1. Hi Tom and Wendy and Emma and Addison! Great to meet fellow Pearls. Maybe we’ll see you up the lake somewhere. Take care.

  2. Thanks to Jeff for putting me in touch with your blog. I will only lurk a little but will live a lot vicariously. Stay safe because selfishly I want to read lots more posts.

    1. Thanks and no worries about lurking. Thats why we make our travel notes public. BTW, Jeff says your husband needs a drone . . . .

    2. Enjoy occasionally droll commentary….. he either has incredible recall, or does a lot of googling to make the comments he does. I realize it takes a lot of effort and concentration to handle a boat of that size. What I would like is some short videos in your blog ….. kinda like “a day in the life of…… “. Like what it takes to get underway ….. how you have to account for wind, current and tides, and weather in general when planning a route. How you use your nav equipment … radar, etc. what you have to monitor when underway etc….. maybe some quick scans 9f the interior, the bridge, the flying bridge, and maybe so of the mechanical and electrical systems that you maintain. But don’t sacrifice any commentary or beaufitufl pictures … just tack one on as the occasion arises….hope others would enjoy something like that …and I do realize docking requires much attention …. So maybe not so much there. Good to see you guys last weekend … Pops

  3. Hey guys😃 glad to see you back on the water. Ken ,Belinda and Skeeter here. We started agin end of April ( more like first of May) We got a late start this year, to many issues came up. But, maybe we can catch up later. Right now sitting in Lock one marina in Waterford. Going up starting tomorrow, up the Champlain Canal, then back here again and getting on the Erie Canal. Wish us luck.

    1. Great to hear from you folks! We wondered whatever happened to Into The Mystic and Skeeter the cat. We loved Champlain.

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