Well we aren’t really bloggers, but then we aren’t really ready to become homeless either.  In any event this website hopefully will help anybody interested to stay somewhat current on our travels and travails.  If you want to know more about us, you can read the “About Us” page.  Duh.  The “Follow” button at the bottom apparently will get our updates delivered to your email in-box.  (WordPress swears that nobody will get your address.)  These updates may range from a sentence or two to Doug’s awesome drone videos or Dana’s even more awesome photos of sunsets and sunrises and landscapes and seascapes and wildlife.  And if we don’t make it back from the high seas–and by high seas we mean mostly shallow waters near sheltered marinas–at least our electronic diary will allow future generations to marvel at our stupidity.

If anyone wants to see where we are in real time, Marine Traffic and Vessel Finder track our AIS transponder.  Just put in Misty Pearl.  Don’t buy the app.  Sometimes they’re quite a bit behind though.  In fact, they both kind of suck.

We’ll post more photos on Instagram.  #mistypearllife.  (Created by our much more hip daughters.)  Maybe.  We’ve been pretty bad at it so far.

2 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Hi Guys, I spent a good chunk of my day reading the entire collection. Hilarious and inspiring all in one. Thanks for sharing. Charley

    1. Hi Charley. Thanks for the kind words. We are loving life, although it’s hotter than blazes today.

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