Is the Potomac safe for swimming?

We were up and gone by 6:45 this morning.  The boys had their morning walk and then promptly assumed their positions in the pilothouse and returned to sleep.

The girls didn’t bother getting up until 10:30.  After they baked in the sun for a bit they jumped in the river.   Our video should be inserted here but apparently it wasn’t shot in the proper format.  Shannon calls it a rookie mistake.  Either way they actually did jump into the river.

It was another beautiful day for cruising.  Until we reached the mouth of the Potomac.   Not only did we hit three-foot breaking rollers, but the crabbers had been busy setting pots like it was a mine field.

Here’s a crab pot float.  We hate crab pots.   Crab pots suck.   Screw the dude who planted 86897.

The Chesapeake roiled for about two hours but finally smoothed out, and at the Patuxent River the Navy installation trumped the crabbers.

The best thing about the Chesapeake Bay is ship-spotting.


We were all into the container ships until the Evergreen Legend under a Singapore flag and with containers stacked to the heavens yelled at us via VHF because he wanted to pass us in the deep channel.  Turned out it was another white trawler traveling north at 8 knots who was the problem, however, and we were three miles to the big guy’s port.  So all was well, at least for us.  Maybe he ran over the trawler blocking his path.

We steamed into Spring Cove Marina at Solomons Island, Maryland, 58 nm and 8 1/2 hours later.  That’s roughly like leaving your house in Phoenix and spending the entire day crawling to Casa Grande.  Except on water.

Your thoughts?

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