What did Delaware?


We unthreaded the Tidewater Marina needle at 7:30 in an effort to run the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal before the afternoon storms arrived.  The sun was out when we left and the water was calm.  The bridge at Chesapeake City told us we were on the home stretch to our third state.  Along the way we encountered only one interesting boat.

003a0499We also encountered a railroad bridge that lifts for boat traffic.   Bizarre.

A Looper boat merged in front of us but skipped Delaware City.  Too bad for those folks.  Delaware City is dang cool, which is good since we’ll be here a few days until Dana takes Shannon down to Baltimore for her flight to Los Angeles for her summer job on Catalina Island.

We hosted John and Marilyn (Blue Goose) and Bert (Tyro) for a great evening of Loop talk.  Bert is traveling alone on a boat the size of our old Supra ski boat.  Pretty impressive.


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