“If you don’t like the weather, just wait an hour”*

The excitement the Hudson River provided the first few days wore off this morning as we left Kingston.  Maybe it was the gloomy weather.  Maybe it was anticipating the invoice from the service yard at our next stop.  Maybe it was the annoying dude traveling ahead of us who kept doing a Crazy Ivan, perhaps in an effort to defect to a different yacht club.  We thought that maybe we just gave New York too much credit much too early.  Even the lighthouses looked dreary.


About the time we reached Hudson City, however, the skies and our moods brightened considerably.  The lighthouses got cuter.   The river seemed clearer.  We turned off the funeral dirges that the morning required us to play. 

The big ships along the narrow channel were less bothersome.

Dana even finally photographed something that sort of looked like an eagle.

Everyone said the marina at Coeymans Landing was treacherous, and indeed it was.  One of our buddy boats—which won’t be identified here—grounded in unmarked silt for a bit.  We had to give it a try, however, because the mechanics at Shady Harbor never called us back.  Coeymans was kind enough to send Eric out in a dinghy to lead us around the submerged wall, past the tree in the water, around the no-wake sign, and into a spot along the dock.  Dinner and the view from Misty Pearl made it a great day after all.


We’ll be here until at least Tuesday to get some work done.  We need to get Misty Pearl’s height under 17 feet for the couple of weeks on the Erie Canal.  The fly bridge shifter is acting up.  Plus some other little stuff.


*So says virtually every “clever” local at every stop we’ve made so far.

Your thoughts?