Erie Schmerie

We rode the Hudson River for the last time, passing through Albany and Troy on our way to the Erie Canal.  Troy claims to be the home of the original Uncle Sam—personification of the United States government—who was a meatpacker or some such thing.  We didn’t stop to determine if the claim is valid.  We had narrow canal locks to master.

003a1104It turned out to be a long day.   More work than fun.  Seven locks.  90° and 200% humidity, and that was before the downpour.  But we made it to Schenectady.

Here’s the first Erie Canal lock in 26 time-lapse seconds.  In real time it took what seemed like 26 hours.  Lock No. 2 actually is Lock No. 1.  That federal lock on the Hudson is called Lock No. 1, however, although it is not on the Canal at all.  Go figure.

Perhaps the highlight of the day was Dana finally seeing American bald eagles.  And having the presence of mind to whip out the camera.  Maybe Uncle Sam is from around here after all.

About a hundred yards before the entrance to Lock No. 4, we spotted a deer that either was swimming or drowning, depending on who you ask.

One of us wanted to drop the anchor, grab one of the boys’ life jackets, and somehow strap it on the poor thing.  One of us was worried about getting into the lock without turning sideways, however, then finding a line, and not smashing the boat and his pride into smithereens.  We opted for telling the lockmaster, who assured us that the same deer had been in there before and knew how to get out.  Whew.

We reached the “Schenectady Yacht Club” just about the time it started to rain, then waited out the rain to take on some fuel and find our, er, “slip.”  We reached the pool deck with snacks just about the time it started to rain again.  But we enjoyed drinks with Second Wave and the first couple we’ve met who started their Loop after us.  They didn’t have boat cards and we can’t recall their names right now, but they seemed very cool so hopefully we will cross paths again.

Your thoughts?

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