No news is good news

img_4006-1In anticipation of a 7:30 departure from Utica, we took Oscar and Benny over to the bagel shop, just in time to catch a Misty Pearl reflection in the morning sun.  We’d have written another poem but it was too early for beer, plus we had about 9 hours and 50 nm ahead of us.

Three locks, a big lake (Oneida), and nothing much else noteworthy before we reached Brewerton.  Unless almost getting sniped by Second Wave’s flying cleat is noteworthy.

We plan to hang here for a couple of days until Dana’s sister joins us.  Maybe some cool stuff will happen.

Because this was an easy day, now is a good time to ask that nobody judge our grammar, spelling, syntax, or punctuation.   Just know we have plenty of valid excuses.

In conclusion, here’s a picture of the boys in travel mode.


Your thoughts?

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