We had an eye for Kingston


We didn’t have long in Kingston, but it’s a pretty decent size with a pseudo-European vibe.

Surprising exactly nobody who’s been following our blog, Kingston, Ontario, is way cooler than Kingston, New York.  This Kingston is so very hip that it actually has a pretty significant downtown street named The Tragically Hip Way, apparently honoring (or honouring) a local band of some renown in these parts.

It’s possible that we’re so tragically unhip that the group is wildly popular south of the border and we’ve just never known it, but we pulled up some of their music and a video and the band being wildly popular seems unlikely although you never know with kids these days.  Either way, it’s a cool name for a street.

One thing we noticed immediately is how much Canadians love their flag.  It’s everwhere.  

Most boaters have several of them.  It’s a pretty cool flag, however, so we can’t blame them.  We have a courtesy flag on the bow and like the look.  The International Boys of Mystery even took to the maple leaf without a whimper, although they peeled them off quickly after earning a treat basically for refusing to pose.

The heat and humidity mostly kept us inside today, but we ventured out for some mundane errands and dinner.   Between us and Second Wave there are three Texans, so we tried the Lone Star “Tex-Mex” restaurant.

It wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been, and after a long stream of the same menus at small-town waterfront marinas (Clayton excepted) it actually was pretty good.

Tomorrow we’ll go west, young man.

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