Mini Pearl crosses her wake!

223A3B67-4F7D-416D-8A12-8BD205905BCCOn Sunday, we became charter members of the IIGLDCA.  That’s the Isabella Island Great Loop Dinghy Cruising Association.  So far it’s only us and Second Wave, of course, but we completed the Loop aboard Mini Pearl the same day we started it and are confident looping the island will become a thing.

Or possibly it won’t.  Either way, Isabella Island is a cool island in Parry Sound, and it was a beautiful day for a dinghy ride.

On our way back to the marina, we stopped to celebrate our mini-loop at a small joint with the coolest TV ever.


This would be a great place to watch the Vols in what cannot possibly be a worse season this year, although by the time football rolls around in a few weeks the TV might be sitting on 4 feet of ice instead of water.  We settled for half of a Toronto Bluejays game, which is a long time for lunch but the service truly was that slow.

On our way to Parry Sound, we nervously  threaded a very tight pass called Second Mile Narrows.  When the huge tour boat gets through with no problem, however, it suggests we just are weenies.

Parry Sound’s biggest claim to fame seems to be as Bobby Orr’s home town.  It’s actually pretty cool to see a town so proud.

We cleaned Misty Pearl up a bit, walked the trail outside of town with the boys, and bonded with a huge dragonfly.

All in all, a solid weekend.

Tomorrow looks like a long cruising day.

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