You scream, I scream

The Loop provides many opportunities for artsy photography, most of which we blow for one reason or another.  And when we do have the chance, usually the camera is no place around so we have to use phones. We didn’t have the camera with us when walking around Britt but Dana still caught a couple of good ones.  The dog’s name is Buddy.

As far as we know the geese are just geese.

Yesterday morning we were up at dawn, since we anticipated a lengthy search for a ginormous crowbar to use in extricating the boats from the slip into which they packed us.

img_4667Fortunately that proved unnecessary and we headed up the bay for Killarney.  Ontario, not Ireland.  As expected, the small craft channel we wanted to take still was closed to boats.  In fact, our marina in Britt was on some sort of evacuation watch.  Sadly but safely we gave the Parry 33 fire wide berth.  We could see the massive smoke to the east, but no bears or blueberries or anything else.

003a1650Except for the huge fire, basically the morning was the same as cruising across the Chesapeake, without the crab pots.  That’s another great thing about this piece of Canada.  No crab pots.  Also no crabs, of course, but lots of pickerel so who cares.  Pickerel.  Yum.  Lots of Kawartha ice cream around these parts as well.

img_4670While under way, obviously we don’t eat pickerel or ice cream.  Mostly we eat crackers and cheese.  Triscuits are our favorites.  Up here, Triscuits are branded by Christie, not Nabisco.  Who knew?  

img_4573Also, Bugles claim to be “Canada’s #1 finger hats.”

Fortunately, not all of the day was spent on snack food trivia.  North of the fires we ducked behind some islands for a taste of the spectacular stuff being destroyed.


Anyway, the trip in to Killarney had some awesome parts.

Killarney is a small burg in the middle of an even smaller channel.  That channel was gummed with stress-causing boats of various types and sizes, all of which wanted to dock and none of which cared that we wanted to dock.  The nerve of some people.

003a1695Somewhat foolishly in our humble opinion, all of the marinas use the same VHF channel, causing mass confusion that would’ve been funny if we hadn’t been in the midst of it.  The sunset last night, however, made it all worthwhile.  Life was good.

Then Dana’s phone jumped off the dock into twenty-one feet of 60° Canadian water.

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