Back where Miller Lite is domestic

After yesterday’s blog post was out the door, the rain stopped and the wind stopped.  In other word, droning weather.  The Canadians are a bit more strict when it comes to drones so for the most part our video has been limited to iPhones.  But here’s a bit of Meldrum Bay at dusk:

While not perfect this morning, it was good enough to exit the North Channel.  Loopers were off in a stream.  “Vroom.  Like rats out of the aqueduct.”

At 9:51 a.m. and roughly a mile east of Drummond Island, we passed back into U.S. waters.  (Verizon, however, waited a while before taking us off the uninspired Canadian coverage.)  Later we returned the Looper burgee to its appropriate spot.


Incidentally, we were wrong about Little Current being our farthest point north.  That actually came when we turned the corner at the top of Drummond Island on our way to Drummond Island Yacht Haven, which is solidly functional but maybe not as posh as it sounds.

What the place lacks in style, however, it makes up for with blazing internet.  One of us spent the entire rainy and cold afternoon binge-watching the third season of Last Chance U on Netflix.  Hopefully that Emmit Gooden kid can ease up on the personal fouls now that he’s a Volunteer.

The other one of us just is happy to have a new phone.

Your thoughts?

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