What did Tennessee?*


Not much to report about Green Turtle Bay.

We did see lots of turtles though.

Hung out with some old friends and met some new ones.  Boys got nails trimmed.  One day it rained.  One day it was sunny.  We enjoyed some music with Island Girl and Second Wave.

That’s about it.

Oh yeah, Brent and Doug installed the new refrigerator and Dana restocked it.  Ain’t it a beaut?

More importantly, we started the Tennessee River leg.  There’s a Billy Ray Cyrus song about the point we passed where the Cumberland meets the Tennessee.

But it’s a Billy Ray Cyrus song.  So we’ll leave it out.  Truthfully we’re kind of embarrassed about even knowing who Billy Ray Cyrus is, although this part of Kentucky is mullet country.  Anyway, although neither of us truly can claim to be a mountain man in the usual sense, we’re happy to get together with this river anytime we can.

On an unrelated note, our photos seem to be getting fuzzier.  We’ll try to work on that.

The cruise down Kentucky Lake was picture perfect.  Flat water.  Blue sky.

No tows and barges.  Chilly for a bit but still pleasant.  We needed a cruising day like this to help us forget the Illinois, Mississippi, and Ohio rivers.   At noon we passed into The Great State of Tennessee.

Greenest state in the land of the free.  God’s Country.  Vol Nation.  If only the state university could remember how to play football again.

We pulled in to Paris Landing State Park, a marina Dana immediately noted is “very comfy.”  No comment on the Vols.


After more than four months, our memories of what happened where and when aren’t always aligned.  In case we need immediate information to resolve an argument, er, debate, we’ve tagged blog posts to the pins on the map.   Although having readily available proof seldom works out for any of the males on the boat.


*The same thing Arkansas.

Your thoughts?