Roll on highway, roll on crew

So we had a great time at the Florence marina.  Took some good pictures with the camera.  Pulled out yesterday morning for Joe Wheeler State Park.  Set the iPhone for a time-lapse of the Wilson Lock.  This is the highest lock we’ll see on the Loop, so the video obviously will be awesome.  Easy cruise through the Wheeler Lock as well.  Dana shot some cool pictures of a heron sitting on the lock door gobbling fish that were trapped when the water receded.  Then into Joe Wheeler.  Time to crank out the blog post.

Oh crap.  Turns out if someone takes out the camera SD card and forgets to put it back, the photos aren’t really photos at all.  They’re just distant memories of scenes that were supposed to be photos.  Also turns out that if someone forgets to open the limit on the number of time-lapse frames, you get a worthless video of half a lock-through.  Unbelievable.  Somehow or another this must be payback for the Helen Keller jokes, since the same person seems to be the common denominator.  Anyway, we have one picture of the Wilson lock.

And one picture of Lewis in the lock.  That’s it.  Double crap.

At Joe Wheeler they gave us a primo spot for the Looper Crawl.  At least we got a picture of that.


From here we took off for Chattanooga for a couple of days.  This isn’t a blog about a road trip across Alabama, but we’ll make note of the cotton fields and snake-handler churches we passed.  No surprises there.

We stopped in for gas at a convenience store.  Someone had vomited all over one of those souvenir display cases.  They didn’t even bother cleaning it up.  Gross.  But that’s Alabama for you.*

We won’t be bothering with the details of Chattanooga, because it would just be an endless wave of superlatives.  Back on the boat pretty soon.  Since we’re short on photos right now, however, here’s one of the sign in front of the best pita joint in the world.  RIP George.



*A clever Alabama fan might note that Tennessee has been vomiting on the football field for some 15 years.  Or that it wasn’t an Alabama fan who forgot to install the camera card or who set the time-lapse improperly.  Fortunately, there aren’t clever Alabama fans, so we feel pretty safe.

7 thoughts on “Roll on highway, roll on crew”

  1. Your last couple of entries have given me some great laughs! Looking forward to the rendezvous and hopefully meeting your clever Tennessee smiles. Why the supleratives regarding Chattanooga? We really enjoyed our time there this Summer on our trip through.

    1. Chattanooga is the best, so we’re glad you enjoyed your visit.

      We’re definitely looking forward to meeting some more fellow Loopers at Joe Wheeler.

  2. This might get me in hot water . . . at least with half the Misty Pearl Crew . . . but . . . considering that the maternal grandfather of the one I suspect is behind the Alabama jokes was born and raised in Tuscaloosa, Alabama (until at least the age of 17) . . . said individual responsible for the jokes would be 1/4 Alabaman (if that’s a correct word) . . .

    1. Yes Kathy. Grandpa Plyer was born and raised in Tuscaloosa. And graduated from Alabama and was a huge Bear Bryant fan. But no need for future generations to bear the shame. Some family secrets should remain buried.

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