So is Michael a himmicane?


There’s a bunch of Loopers here at the Rendezvous in Rogersville, with all of us heading south to Mobile, then to Carabelle or someplace nearby, then across the Gulf.   Except Michael has blown up marinas along the route.  Diesel supply is interrupted.  Chaos reigns.  We’re thinking of staying in Rogersville awhile to let things settle.  Fortunately all those years Dana spent honing her biscuit-making skills might finally pay off with a full-time gig.

So we have that going for us.  Which is nice.

Looperpalooza doesn’t start until tomorrow, so we took a trip up to Shiloh.  On our way down the Tennessee River we’d passed Pittsburg Landing, where General Buell landed the troops that reinforced General Grant and saved the day for the northern invaders.

Shiloh saw more than 10,000 brave young men in gray—plus some damnyankees—become casualties.  Very solemn grounds here.  A must-see for any Civil War buff.

The orange traffic cone probably isn’t a true period piece, but everything else is way cool.

This photo is from the location of the camp commanded by then-Captain John Wesley Powell, before Edward Abbey’s Monkey Wrench Gang failed to destroy the Glen Canyon Dam and the resulting most amazing lake in the world was named after him.  We strongly recommend a trip to Lake Powell.

Surprisingly we didn’t find any references to Shine Marley, but Shiloh does trigger another Roger Alan Wade song.

Here’s a photo of kudzu, immediately recognizable to anyone from the South.

Kudzu buries everything in its path.  A Vietnam War’s worth of napalm couldn’t destroy this stuff.  Kudzu is to these parts what Asian carp are to the Illinois River.  Except you can’t shoot it with a bow.  So Illinois wins that one.

The Fall Rendezvous starts tomorrow.  Hopefully someone has updates on the storm damage so we can make some plans that don’t require Dana to work at Hardee’s.

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  1. Doug and Dana, Hello Roger and I are local harbor host here in Pensacola, Florida, just East of Mobile. Please reach out and if we can be of assistance that would be great. Feel free to pass my information on to others headed this way. I know Carabelle and Apalachicola Marinas have fuel and and recovering. We have plenty of fuel, food, dockage and gorgeous anchorage here in Pensacola a well. Barbara

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