That’s why they call Orange Beach “The Windy City”

Blue skies Saturday morning, along with 25-knot wind gusts.  The beautiful Orange Vol Navy flag was snapping like a bullwhip.  Not a chance cowards like us untie a single line.  Oh well.  Nothing at all wrong with a day spent watching football.

This morning we took off for Pensacola.  Out of the marina at cruising rpms we inexplicably were stuck at about 6.8 knots.  Ugh. That’s slow even on the speed continuum between total engine failure and walking on the beach.

Eveyone always asks us “What’s the ICW like between The Wharf and Palafox Pier in Pensacola?”  Actually nobody asks that, but Doug set up the time-lapse again just in case someone does.  Dana says nobody bothers watching the videos we post, but it’s nice to have them even if just to remind us of the tows we dodged and the time we spent outside the marina in Pensacola waiting for the boats ahead of us to dock.  And since we have video, no need to take many photos.

Damn.  Doug screwed up the video AGAIN.  Turns out if you forget to turn off the screen, the battery drains faster than you can say “Hey look there’s a dolphin I hope we get it on the video.”

Fortunately we eventually sped up.  And we confirmed by signage that we’re now in Florida, which means progress.


Basically there wasn’t anything else to see along the way.  Except some really cool houses.  Which we didn’t photograph.  And a lighthouse.

And the navy base, where a Coast Guard ship was tied up.

We’ll hang around Pensacola for a few days before heading out for Thanksgiving.  Unless plans change yet again.

Okay we know it’s a weak post.  Sue us.

We’ll report in on Pensacola before we leave on Wednesday.

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  1. You guys are wrong about people watching the videos on your page… I’ve watched many of them… makes one feel that you’re there! I especially liked the ones where you were locking, and the one thru Chicago. Keep posting them :o)

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