Where’s that warm Florida sun?

Up and at ‘em this morning.  Mission: Faro Blanco by Christmas Eve, although more rain and such is on the way.

The first proof of progress was passing under the Sunshine Skyway bridge.

A few days ago we were stopped for emergency traffic on the bridge after someone jumped from the high point.  Shannon says that happens with some regularity, which is really sad.

On the other side of the bridge sat a sheriff’s boat.  With a drone in the air.  So we called by radio to ask if we could fly ours.  They said yes.  Dana lost the family vote 5 to 1, so we did.

Okay its another gray day and the video isn’t overly exciting, but Mallory gamely was willing to catch the drone with her bare hand and then the propellers cut her finger and then she couldn’t hold the railing and so she fell down the stairs in front of Shannon who started laughing, which at least spiced things up for those aboard.

Once we got out of Tampa Bay the sun came out for a bit, allowing us to take actual color photos of river banks and the Sarasota skyline.

As near as we can tell, every highrise in Sarasota is a condo complex, probably full of old people like us.  However, we walked around town enough to tell that this wouldn’t be a bad place to live, at least for old people like us.

As an aside, it’s great to have access to more family-member votes except when the issue is how much time to spend in yet another store that’s all blue and ivory and seafoam and smells like soap and candles and is full of stuff we couldn’t possibly use on a boat.  Then the extra votes suck.

Your thoughts?

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