Dreams of reindeer and visions of sugar-plums

Another perfect day for cruising, this time down to Marco Island.  Perhaps the most surreal Christmas Eve in recent memory, although it’s not like the girls enjoyed a lot of White Christmases in the Valley of the Sun.

About halfway down, we passed Naples off our port side.  (Naples, Florida, not Naples, Italy.)  Otherwise not much to see along the way.

Just before Marco Island the crab pots started popping up.  These floats aren’t the same as the Chesapeake variety, which look like, well, crap pot floats.  These were different, yet strangely familiar.

Then it hit us.  Actually it just hit Doug, since Dana’s youth was a bit more high-brow.  Who else fondly recalls the stupidity of Mad Magazine?


Anyway, neither a holiday on the water or crab pot bombs seem to bother the boys.  Oscar enjoyed the lack of snow on the bow.

We docked safely at Marco Island Marina, starving and looking for a great place to eat.  The dockmaster recommended a place that’s the “best” on the island.  Yum.  And closed.  And most every place else was closed.  Maybe that’s what they mean by Island Style.

img_6450However, we ended up satisfied and back on Misty Pearl for Christmas Eve games.  After all, crushing the girls in cards is what Christmas really is all about.

The marina in Everglades City is expecting us to roll in Christmas afternoon.  We’ll probably arrive too late for the traditional Belknap Christmas air boat ride through the swamps, so we’ll tee that up the day after.

Merry Christmas from Misty Pearl.

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