That’s why they call Vero Beach The Rainy Coast

Tuesday the wind died down but the rain came.  It almost was like Muskegon, or Ludington but without the Badger.  We all stayed inside—which the boys liked just fine.  Except when we had to take them outside—which they liked not so much.  Somewhere in there is a parody of the classic Everly Brothers song about crying in the rain.

The rain took away pickleball but gave us the end of season 2.  Mags and Coover and Doyle Bennett all are dead, leaving weasely Dickie to face Raylan and Boyd Crowder, after Boyd turned good then bad again and now has taken sweet Ava down the dark road with him.  An Uber driver recently told us unsolicited stories about how the big mining company scared her parents into selling their eastern Kentucky farm and how her dad constantly has to guard the new farm against the druggies.  We thought Justified was implausible, but maybe not.  All we know for certain is that UK sucks and Paducah was awesome.

Vero Beach was fine, but would have been more fine if it still was Dodgertown.  The Dodgers took their ball and left some time ago, however, leaving only memories.  Like memories of when The Rifleman suited up for Brooklyn.  (Not the cheating Auburn dirtbag who stole the nickname and now will be playing forward for the prison team, but the real one.)  Being from Arizona we hate the Dodgers but still would’ve hit up a spring training game if given the opportunity.

Thanks to Doug’s amazing former assistant Sharon the mail arrived this week.  We kind of know how the pioneers must’ve felt while waiting for the express ponies to come along.  Anyway, as often is the case the sun finally came out, so we enjoyed Vero Beach.

Before leaving, we got back to pickleball, the wind kicked up again, and we watched some more Justified.  By the way, congratulations to Chris and Heather.  We didn’t meet them but anyone who posts an open wedding invitation on a marina restroom door is pretty cool by us.

Today we headed out, anxious to get docked in Melbourne in time for a little March Madness.

All games are live streamed on CBS app but watching basketball while trying to stay in a narrow channel with uncharted shoaling at every turn might’ve been unwise.

When we left the dock, the sun was warm and the wind was light.  “Wow.  Dana, can you bring me up some shorts and a short-sleeve t-shirt?”


Literally two minutes later it all changed.  “Damn.  Dana, can you bring me some fuzzy socks and a fleece pullover?”  Mostly the four-hour trip was on the cool side and looked a lot like other cool narrow stretches of water we’ve seen but never tire of seeing.

We docked in Melbourne and went to dinner with Charlie (The Lower Place).

Robin had gone back to Mississippi for some reason.  As if there’s any good reason to go to Mississippi.

PSA: Anyone who likes good service should skip Ole’ Fire & Grill.

Here are the boys, just because the girls say we don’t include enough photos of their brothers.

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  1. At the risk of getting too personal, did y’all sell your law practice completely, or did you sell your percentage of a partnership to do this thing? I ask because I’m a dentist (as highly regarded as attorneys) and I wonder….sell a percentage of the practice and go loop, or sell the whole dang thing, and go do the loop. Just want your opinion/perspective. Y’all are my heroes, Safe sailing!

    1. Hi Greg. Give me a call and I’ll tell you whatever I can that might be helpful. 602-432-1503

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