Two drifters off to see the world

So we met a boat named Panacea in the Palm Cove Marina.  Saw them them again in Brunswick, but very briefly.  Yesterday we passed them on the way to Kilkenny and agreed to get together.  Except it turned out to be a different Panacea.  All in all, very bizarre.  Anyway, we were having a good time with Panacea number 2 and our pals from Green Eyes when we got some distressing news about some other Looper friends.  But everything worked out and a situation that could’ve been tragic turn out only terrifying.  Doug wanted to drone over and bother The Lower Place at their quiet anchorage a few miles away but it was too windy.

This morning, we scheduled things up again for high tide, this time at Hell Gate.  That meant leaving at a reasonable time, so Doug slept in.   Dana still was up at dawn with the boys.

This stretch of ICW rivers was much like yesterday: flat marshes as far as we could see.

And a random flag stuck in the middle of a marsh.  ‘Merica.

On to Savannah, our last stop in Georgia.  Johnny Mercer was from Savannah and wrote the words to Moon River, a song initially made famous by Holly Golightly but then made more famous by Erwin Fletcher that time he received the prostate exam while searching for Alan Stanwyk’s medical records.*  This is the mouth of Moon River.

It didn’t look a “mile wide,” but still.  Then we passed the south end of a second waterway with an interesting name.

Somewhere there might be a famous song called Runaway Negro Creek, but we doubt it.  It’s a bad name for a creek and it’d be a bad name for a song.

We made it up the Wilmington River to Thunderbolt, where The Lower Place and Visignet met us before we took naps and ate lunch and the hail storm smacked us.

During a weather break we joined Visignet, Red Pearl, and The Lower Place at the screened gazebo, but as usual forgot to take a picture.  Then the rain started again.

On a note related only to the town name, Thunderbolt and Lightfoot is surprisingly under-appreciated for a movie starring Clint Eastwood and Jeff Bridges.


* Usin’ the whole fist Doc?

2 thoughts on “Two drifters off to see the world”

  1. Sounds as if you guys are having a great trip. My Selene 57 “Division Belle” is located up the Ogeechee River from Hell’s Gate where we live in Richmond Hill. Let me know if we can help with anything in the Savannah area.

    1. Thanks so much. We’re up in Beaufort now, but our jealousy over your boat might have made asking for your help awkward anyway.

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