Out of the gloom, a ray of sunshine

Monday night we stayed inside and caught up on the last season of Survivor.  Count us in the group who thinks the whole “Edge of Extinction” thing was ridiculous.  Chris coming back at the end and stealing the title from Devens was completely bogus.

Yesterday’s theme was Fifty Shades of Gray.  Not the kinky kind of gray, of course, but the gray shades that permeate your soul.   It started when we awoke for the short hop across the C & D Canal to Delaware City.


Hey, at least we caught the current down the canal.  We had packages waiting for us at the marina and figured to be there well before lunch.

Here’s the C & D Canal Railroad Bridge.  Again.

Mostly this bridge is significant for its insignificance.  When we came through here the first time, this was the coolest thing we’d seen.  A bridge that goes up and down?  For trains?  It was so awe-inspiring that we took roughly a gazillion photos of it.  How could we possibly know these things would become more of a nuisance than a marvel.  In fact, we almost got stopped for a train this time.

Shortly before reaching the Delaware River, we started thinking about Cape May and the weather.  The waves were minimal.  We maybe could catch the current and be there before dark.  Oscar was sleeping too soundly to voice concern about the additional time aboard.  Crap, what about the packages?  The Delaware City Marina is really cool, but somewhat difficult to navigate.  We called to see if the current would allow us to come in, dock, pick up the packages, flip around, and get out.  Tim the Dockmaster volunteered that doing all that would add two hours to the trip down the Bay.  So he jumped in his work boat, met us in the river, tossed the packages to Dana, and even refused our offer of money.  In his honor, we named the ray of sunshine “Tim.”*

Heading south the gray continued in various degrees.

Gross.  And it drizzled from time to time.

Even the herons looked grayer than usual.

But we made Cape May, tied up nicely, and Oscar was able to do everything he needed to do, all before the massive thunderstorm hit.

901A0692-D1E3-4EFB-9D0D-57742719C5C1Sunday now appears to be the next decent day for the long run from Atlantic City to Great Kills.  We have no interest in Manasquan, where death nearly is certain.  We’d rather stay a few extra days in Atlantic City than go into Manasquan, because certain death is about the only thing worse than staying in Atlantic City.

Last time through here we docked at Canyon Club, which wasn’t close to much of anything other than the drunk shark fishermen and the even drunker old dudes on the sailboat.  This time we’re almost in town.  Cape May is pretty cool after all.


What isn’t cool?  Continuing Legal Education.  CLE is the annual pain-in-the-butt that requires completion by the end of June.  Fortunately it’s now all online.  Unfortunately it still sucks.  But we both finished up today.

Docktails with Shingebiss, Carolina Dream, and Time to Breathe.  Good times.  Tomorrow, Atlantic City.


* We also nominated him for AGLCA’s Dockmaster of the Year.

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