Hey Charlie and Robin, we’re getting the band back together!

Last year we left Half Moon Bay in what turned out to be big wind.  Yesterday no wind.  Instead, constant drizzle, mixed with some decently heavy stuff.  But rain doesn’t faze Misty Pearl when—like Jake and Elwood Blues—we’re on a mission from God.  Let’s go!


Ok, yuck.  Low clouds and mist might make cool photos, but the cruising is pretty unfun.

This is supposed to be one of the most beautiful stretches of river in the country.  Last year we missed it entirely, because the waves and the wind were beating us like red-headed buck-toothed step-children.  This year, foiled again.  We couldn’t see a damn thing.  For example, up to the left somewhere is West Point.

Off our stern, Sigourney Weaver—as Dian Fossey—probably was up on the mountains teaching algebra or some such thing to gorillas.

Even worse than the rain?  We fought the current almost all day.  Mallory’s probably hiking faster than six knots up and down mountains on the AT with a 40-pound backpack.  Shannon’s second-grade campers on Catalina Island probably can do better than six knots on stand-up paddle-boards.  But six knots was our cross to bear.

The good news?  No wind.  Flat calm, even at that churny point just past West Point that the navigational charts blithely call “World’s End.”  More good news?  The little marina at Shadows was awesome.

Plus we could keep an eye on the boat while eating a delicious meal at the restaurant just in case someone tried to kidnap Oscar.

Heck, the clouds even parted in time for a sunset we could watch from our flybridge.  Somehow that was enough to make up for the earlier clouds and rains.

Another early morning today, but at least we weren’t the only fools.  And we weren’t rowing.


No rain or clouds today.  No wind either.  Apparently the rain brought upstream flooding, and upstream flooding tends to deliver downstream crap.

We didn’t hit anything, however, which is good because we got to enjoy the Hudson.  Truly a gorgeous river.

We’ve been trying to stop at different places this time through, which put us at Shady Harbor.  Nice marina, good restaurant, dropped the mast again, blah, blah, blah.

The best thing about Shady Harbor was reconnecting with Forever Friday.  We’ll never forget Mike and Mary greeting us with champagne in Everglades City on Christmas Day.  Or the dinghy ride from hell.  Or Mike’s biscuits and gravy.  Or cruising the mangroves in Marathon.  Or all the other bitchin’ memories.  Come to think of it, them coming over to Shady Harbor by dinghy was kind of fitting.  All we needed is The Lower Place.


Loopers Scaliwag and Alysana also popped over from their anchorage.  Good times.

Magic is docked just behind us.  Terry—who prefers “Captain Crusty”—and Dorothy were on the fence between a third Loop and the Down East Circle.  They now claim they’re going to put up their DECL burgee tonight and travel with us.  We hope so but we’ll see.

Tomorrow we’ll transit the Federal Lock plus a few more on the other side of Waterford.  New stuff to see.  Wooooo!

Your thoughts?

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