At least Rimouski is forty degrees cooler than Yuma

Seems like ages since we’ve had a day full of blue sky.  Today we got one for the six hours across the mighty Saint Lawrence to Rimouski.  Not much excitement though.  Just set the autopilot on a straight course and sit back.

Although we did have to stop for whales and seals.

We couldn’t tell if the seal was worried about us or worried about having to swim two miles back to shore in water that approached a thousand feet deep, but we agreed that he looked worried about something.

We’re viewing the stop in Rimouski about like we view stopping in Yuma on the way to San Diego.  Necessary, but not necessarily where you’d want to spend a week.  Almost certainly that’s not fair to Rimouski, of course, but we don’t have time to go into town to find out for sure.


PSA:  Don’t bother watching The Hotel New Hampshire.  It’s a terrible movie, although maybe everything that happens after the first thirty minutes is awesome.  We don’t know, because we switched over to Master Chef.

Your thoughts?