A blog post for which we have no title but now it’s past our bedtime

Today we spent eight hours angle-crossing to the mainland of Nova Scotia.  Plus we hiked what to the one of us who’s out of shape felt like twenty miles but really was only six kilometers—straight up both directions.  The point is that this post will be brief.

We saw the cruise ship Zaandam and ferries and bluffs and the Cape George Lighthouse.

Anyway we made it to Ballentynes Cove and then hiked back up to the lighthouse.

On the way back down the mountain from the lighthouse, one of us needed to stop a couple of times, not to rest, of course, but to check on the boat.  Yup, still there.

This is a working wharf.  In a few weeks tuna fisherman from all over the Maritime provinces will jam in here.  Hopefully they won’t need power, or water, or WiFi.   It’s a nice enough stop—and the dock is far superior to those in Charlottetown—but “town” is 30 kilometers away and at least two of us (counting Oscar) ain’t walking.  There’s a Bluefin Tuna Interpretive Center—which on PEI might well’ve been the “Anne of Green Gables Bluefin Tuna Interpretive Center”—but we skipped it.  We know all about tuna (and pianos) because Doug used to listen to REO Speedwagon in high school during the years he strayed from hardcore old-school Country.

Upon planning out tomorrow, we just discovered that the Lennox Passage Bridge is broken.  That means a much longer trip to Cape Breton tomorrow.  Grrrrr.

Your thoughts?

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