Of all the things we’ve looked forward to, a tropical storm ain’t one of them

Despite the anticipated 7 hours of unpleasantness, off we went this morning towards Lockeport.  Or Davy Jones’ locker.  Whichever came first.  The first mile or two wasn’t too bad.  The water got worse, but fortunately four hours of unpleasantness is way better than what we’d anticipated.

Lockeport wasn’t actually our first choice, of course.  Our first choice was Shelburne.  Shelburne is where years ago Hester Prynne slept with that dirty preacher Dimmesdale and had a baby named after our boat and then was branded for life.  Okay actually that all happened in Massachusetts, not Nova Scotia.  Even more actually it was fiction so never happened at all.  But the movie starring Demi Moore was filmed in Shelburne so we figured it was worth a visit.  Shelburne isn’t as protected as Lockeport, however, and staying alive seemed more important than seeing an old movie set.

Since generally we cruised a few miles off the Nova Scotia coast, there wasn’t much scenery.  Just more water.  When we turned up towards Lockeport we started to see what we’d been missing.

We followed about an hour behind No Drama, past the Lockeport lighthouse.   Because every town on the water in Canada has a lighthouse.

Anyway, the talk on the dock was all about the weather.

We’ve now deployed six lines and five fenders and are as cinched in as possible.  But the dock-master is concerned about whether the dock anchors will hold in the wind, so us staying connected to the dock may prove to be somewhat irrelevant.

We’re not exactly sure how this all is going to work out, but Tropical Depression 6 indeed has become Tropical Storm Erin, is gathering intensity, and is barreling straight towards us on the southern end of Nova Scotia.  Are we lucky or what?  Tomorrow night 8-foot waves on top of 8-foot swells will be pounding out where we traveled today, with winds that may reach 70 mph.  So there’s that.

The border guards checked on us again.  We passed inspection, leaving Erin as what we hope is the last hurdle to getting out of here by boat rather than body bag.

Senior Bingo doesn’t start until next week, there’s not much else to do in Lockeport even when it’s dry and warm, and it’s going to be neither until at least Saturday.   Mostly thunder and lightening and wind and rain.   Looks like we’ll just sit on the boat for a few days, without shore power or WiFi, wishing we had rosary beads and knew how to use them.

4 thoughts on “Of all the things we’ve looked forward to, a tropical storm ain’t one of them”

  1. Y’all are awesome! Even in the face of imminent danger, you make me laugh. Prayers for your safety.

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