On top of everything else, lobster is really expensive

A clear and beautiful day turned into a gray and dreary day, but the wind was light and the waves were acceptable.  The only impediment to a great day of cruising was the obstacle course.

Seriously.  Imagine starting a nice drive from Phoenix to Sedona, only to discover that someone dropped ten thousand tire-popping spikes of different sizes and colors—including camouflage if that’s a color—all over Interstate 17.   Cause that’s what today was like.  Oh for the days of crab pots.  We’ll never again moan about crab pots.  Crab pot floats are to lobster pot floats as Twiggy is to a bus full of Mama Cass lookalikes.  Grrrrr.*

We also saw a cool sailboat.

Actually we saw three of them.  And a couple of lighthouses.  Then we docked in Rockland, ate a delicious dinner, talked to our neighbors about Looping, took long hot showers, put on pajamas, and settled in for Monday Night Football (Doug and Oscar) and a book (Dana).  Life still is good.


* In the context of all that’s wrong in the world, we understand that lobster traps are not a significant problem.  That’s particularly true since the output of lobster traps is, well, lobster.  So enough complaining.  At least publicly.  To a near certainty there’ll be a lot more complaining in the privacy of the pilothouse until we leave lobster country.

Your thoughts?