Plastic jugs? Seriously, what’s next?

One thing you’ve got to give Maine, and that’s a bunch of cool islands.  With cool names.  Like The Cuckolds.

There’s got to be a good back story to that one.  The Coast Guard shut down the lighthouse on Cuckold Island and then auctioned the whole mess.  Some dude bought it and turned it into an inn, which he cleverly calls “Inn at Cuckolds Lighthouse.”

The place looks to be closed and the website’s down, however, so maybe it wasn’t as awesome as it sounds.

By contrast, the Seguin Light isn’t an inn.  It’s a museum.  This lighthouse is Maine’s highest, and having been established in 1795 it’s also Maine’s second oldest.

93747C65-3C12-4DCA-BA68-1EE891ACB7A1We also passed by the Sugarloaf Islands, Buttonmold Ledge, Spoonbowl Ledge, The Hypocrites, The Sisters, Brown Cow Island, and Bold Dick Rock.  Yup, we’d like to hang out with the dude who named these places.  Unless he’s also responsible for Bald Head Cove, of course, because that one frankly is a bit mean-spirited.

There’re surprisingly few trawlers up this way, but plenty of lobster boats and sailboats.  Today we saw a guy who couldn’t decide between the two.  Bizarre.


Just before turning up into Merriconeag Sound, we heard a sound.  It sounded exactly like we imagine spooling up a lobster pot into the hull might sound.  Long story made short, we backed up, then slowly pushed up to Dolphin Marina.  Then we paid Jerry to get in the 54° water, supervised by Mickey the black lab.

We indeed snagged something on the rudder, although it was a poor excuse for a lobster pot float.  The actual trap may have banged our bottom but thankfully did no damage.

This place turns out to be way cool.  It’s a family-run operation going back several generations, but its first-class all the way.  we missed the busy season, which was just fine with us.


Tomorrow we’re off to Kennebunkport.  Since Dana also is from Texas, maybe the Bushes will invite us over to the compound.


Your thoughts?

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