When you’re stuck in Deltaville, get the heck out of Deltaville

Look, it’s not that we dislike the place.  Dozier’s is a great little marina.  Zimmerman does great service work.  But the ZMI service dock is not set up for comfortably staying aboard, and there’s nothing at all close by.  So—for the second time—we made lemonade by going to the Shenandoah Mountains.

Yeah, the ski lifts were closed, the leaves weren’t changing, it was a bit hazy, and these Virginia wing-nuts prefer tennis to pickleball.  But the weather was great.

Basically we had an awesome time that had nothing to do with boating so we’ll skip the details, except the detail about Oscar hiking in his sister’s footsteps on the AT.  He only did about fifty feet of the 2,190 miles before getting in the backpack, but still.

Doug may or may not have dropped the dinghy crane weight and hook into Broad Creek moments before we left for the mountains, but either way it doesn’t matter because everything will be back in shipshape before we push off for Cape Charles.

Your thoughts?

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