A post with the primary purpose being to report that we’re back underway

We’ll have more about Essex next post, but for now the important thing simply is that we’re in Essex.  Remember when it was over 100° in Arizona?  Since then we made it past huge forest fires in New Mexico, 4” of snow in Wyoming, 40-knot winds in South Dakota, and what seemed like two months of boredom across a bunch of silly states before we got back to Connecticut, where everything was perfect.  Woooo!

Actually not everything was quite perfect.  Tumbleweed was in the water, but the good folks at Mystic Shipyard and New England Bow Thruster still had her in a state of minor disarray.

Setbacks like this are why God blessed us with Marriott points, however, and another night in a hotel wasn’t all that inconvenient.  And the good folks at the shipyard were pretty efficient all-in-all.  Great place.

By today everything was buttoned up and Tuesday’s sea-trial with the new fins was uneventful, so off we went.

Oscar needed all of about ten seconds to remember that he likes cruising days.

The Sound was too calm for us to test the new stabilizer system, which on balance was okay with us.

Heading up the Connecticut River, we passed on by the place we stayed in Old Saybrook a few posts and eight months ago.

As we anticipated, Next Stop, Christmas was pretty hokey.

Which got us to Essex.  Yesterday the nice dockhand at the Safe Harbor Dauntless marina said their diesel fuel was $5.14, which was about $2 less than anyplace else.  But, she warned us, a new shipment was coming in and the price would go up.  This morning the nice dockhand said they were expecting the new shipment today.  Grrr.  We tied off on the fuel dock literally as the Dennis Fuel truck pulled in, but got what in these absurd times counts as a deal.  Woooo!

That fuel savings allowed us to have a great dinner at the Griswold Inn.

If we weren’t so tired and the Vols weren’t playing Vandy in the SEC baseball tournament on TV we’d discuss the lengthy history of the Inn, along with a bit about Clark and Ellen and Aunt Edna.  Maybe next time. We’re staying in Essex until Monday so as to avoid Memorial Weekend boating knuckleheads and crappy weather, so there’s plenty of time.

6 thoughts on “A post with the primary purpose being to report that we’re back underway”

  1. I was just thinking about you folks a few days ago, and wondering when you were going to be back on the water again. You answered my questions before I got around to asking.

  2. I realized how much I had missed your journey so was glad you chose to take off again. You take us to to places where we
    have never been and some that are close to where we have been. I am one of Keith’s classmates and one who meets with
    our classmates almost every Thursday.

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