It’s not a big Deale, but we’re back

Well objectively the trip west was a success.  Doctor appointments and vaccines?  Check.  Girls all set up in new cities?  Check.  Pickleball?  Check.  No travel snafus?  Check.  Bobcat taking over the backyard like he owns the place?  Yup, that too.

Also, Arizona sunrises from the front porch are awesome.

And the Pacific Ocean looks quite a bit like the Atlantic Ocean.

Okay, that’s that.  This afternoon we had just enough time between Carl dropping us off at the boat and the Cardinals’ game to walk into Deale.  Hmmm.  Here’s downtown:

Although Deale is small, the worst thing about living here would be dealing with all the dumb puns.  Not ideal.

While we were gone, ZMI impressively multitasked by completing the few service items we requested while simultaneously sucking our bank account dry.  But now we’re ready to head south again.  Port Everglades by Thanksgiving or bust.  Tomorrow—assuming the Small Craft Advisory goes away—we’re off to Solomons Island.  We’ll wrangle the blog back into shape at some point.

6 thoughts on “It’s not a big Deale, but we’re back”

  1. Good morning, we love your blog! Did you guys get tumbleweed shipped to the Pacific? We live in Florida and of course one of our daughters moved to Seattle. So we were thinking during the heat this summer it would be nice to have our boat in Seattle. Please send any advice you have regarding the process.!

    1. Thanks! We’re meeting the cargo ship in November, getting to PNW in early January-ish. So unfortunately we have no advice as of now. If you reach out next spring, however, we’ll happily share whatever we learn.

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