Save Fishtown!

If yesterday’s post was a tad snarky, perhaps it’s because Charlevoix, while pleasant enough, is no Harbor Springs.  Turns out Charlevoix is no Leland either.  We docked just in time to join the massive lunch crowd at the Village Cheese Shanty.  It may not look like much, but the sandwiches are well worth the pushing and shoving.

One of Michigan’s last working fishtowns is along the river.

Original shanties make unique shops and such.  There’s a movement afoot to preserve the area as is.  We even contributed.

Mallory pedaled one of the Hobies over to Van’s Beach and read all afternoon.  In the drone video she’s the very small dot pushing a very small yellow kayak off the sand.

These two red cars are amphibious.  Kind of like duck boats.  Not a chance we’d be caught dead in one of them.*

There are photos around town of them cruising out on the lake, filled to the brim with bikini-clad models smiling and sunning.  Not a life-jacket to be found.  Mallory caught one of them approaching the boat/car ramp.  She was on a dead sprint, hence the blur.

“Up just a little more, Punkin.”



*If it’s too soon for duck boat references, we apologize.

5 thoughts on “Save Fishtown!”

  1. Doug and Dana: welcome to Fishtown, my parents hometown (until I moved them to AZ in May if this year). Be sure to get ice cream at the Harbor House, and some smoked whitefish at The Cove.

    1. Good to hear from you Doug. Small world. We didn’t make it to The Cove but the town was really cool. Hope all is well with the family.

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