Little Miss Muffet was right to run away

Before we left Leland, a sailor much older than us—carrying laundry no less— whipped down the hill, onto the dock, around a corner, and to his boat, all on a little electric wheel.  One of us now badly wants a SoloWheel Glide 3.  The other two people on the boat think it’s a horrible idea.  “No way, it’s too dangerous” and “Dad, you’ll kill yourself” was the theme.  Meh.  Looking forward to a 16-inch diameter present under the tree, and it better not be a Roomba.

But back to the Loop.

003a1902Not too much excitement on another stretch along the Michigan coast, although the scenery was different.  Between Leland and Frankfort lies Sleeping Bear National  Lakeshore.  Who knew there were national lakeshores anyway?  This one is comprised of sand dunes and cliffs.  Who knew there were sand dunes in Michigan anyway?  Just past the park people built houses on the sand.  In the previously-referenced biblical parable, it was the foolish man who did that.
003a1915We saw evidence of foolish 003a1913people whose intricate stairway to the sand crumbled—duh—effectively leaving them without beach access.  How foolish is that?

Here’s the Betsie Point Light, which is about the zillionth “Most Photographed Lighthouse” we’ve passed.  We dutifully took our picture but the puffing is tiresome.  Although puffing is a good word to know.  Remember the carbolic smoke ball case?

img_5041Sadly Mallory left us again to head back to school.  We love that kid, and are very proud of the way she handles her business.

After our second trip to the Gerald R. Ford International Airport, we took the marina Buick—rusted out body, bad transmission, worthless gas gauge, faulty tire pressure sensor, original cigarette lighter that actually would light a cigarette, smells like a grandfather and all—to the dunes.  The dunes were very cool.  Unfortunately the payoff for schleping the drone up the dunes was nothing, as the video all was blurry.

img_5050One might think this is a selfie of Brent and Karen, our buddies who’ve been traveling with us.  Nope.  It’s a photo of Dana.  Look again.  If only we were mooners.

Have we mentioned the spiders?  We’re so over spiders.  There should be a law limiting each state to one disgusting and annoying pest.  That should do away with the spider epidemic here, since Michigan already has Jim Harbaugh.

Dockside grilling with Second Wave, Texas 2 Step, and our old friends on Bucket List.  Great to catch up with them.


Tomorrow Shannon arrives!  Wooooo!

Your thoughts?