Hurricanes suck

Finally!  A video for all those people who never asked about the Gulf ICW (or Gulf IWW depending on who you ask).  Maybe everyone else in the world already has boated through the narrow stretch between Panama City and Apalachicola, but maybe not.  If we can make a difference in one life, can make just one life a little bit better, it’ll all be worth the effort and we can die satisfied.  Or maybe we just need to prove that Doug still has what it takes to make his iPhone work.

Although today was a gorgeous day for cruising, mostly we noticed the destruction.

We took way more pictures but you get the idea.

Mariners immediately will recognize the problem depicted in this photo.


Actually toddlers whose parents share this blog with them will recognize the problem depicted in this photo.  Six numbered green channel markers that were supposed to sit nicely to starboard as we navigated a treacherously narrow channel all were clumped together in the middle., with the red marker on a pole dead ahead.   Fortunately with a combination of bravery and caution we avoided mishap, but just barely.

Dana multitasked by photographing eagles while talking on the phone.  Mad skills.

The saddest part of this post is what’s missing.  We docked at Apalachicola Marina.  A short wall was all they could offer because Hurricane Michael blew the rest of the place to smithereens.  Doug worked in the engine room to prepare for the Gulf crossing, and Dana organized the rest of Misty Pearl for the same purpose.  By the time we took off for town, it was dark.  So no photos.  Apalachicola is a way cool little place struggling to recover but we can’t really do it justice in this post.

Actually we did take one photo—and only one photo—in Apalachicola.  It defies explanation.


Your thoughts?