We ain’t asking for a miracle, Lord, just a little bit of luck will do*

Today and for the foreseeable future we’re back on east coast time.  That meant what otherwise was a reasonable 7:15 departure required us to be up well before dawn, which is not how we prefer to roll.  But off we went across St. George Sound to Carrabelle.


At Carabelle we found more leftover damage from Michael.

We also found our sister Selene Crosssroads tied up at C-Quarters right next to where they put us for the night.

On our walk to lunch we passed by “The World’s Smallest Police Station.”

img_6289Readers of this blog know how we feel about such claims in general.  Not surprisingly, we’re skeptical.  Plus, if nobody actually is “stationed” there, isn’t the claim by definition bogus?

But it did get us to thinking about the phone booth we saw on the Tenn-Tom and figured it might be some sort of interpretive art.  Maybe we were wrong.  Maybe it’s just some other governmental agency.  “The World’s Smallest Game and Fish office,” perhaps.

No blog post tomorrow.  Hopefully one on Friday or Saturday.  Also hopefully no slobs like us are cruising around next month and taking disaster-porn photos of Misty Pearl’s mast at a cock-eyed angle barely above water.  Because tomorrow we’re doing The Crossing.  The dreaded Gulf Crossing.  The Crossing that strikes fear in every heart.  The Crossing that alone dissuades numerous Planners from becoming ln Progress.


The best thing about today was getting our boys back, sort of.

Lewis and Terri are the Angels of The Crossing.  Lewis is cruising with us, and arrived with the fireworks we hope to launch in the middle of the Gulf.  Terri graciously is taking Oscar and Benny around to Clearwater Beach by car so they (the dogs) can avoid puking and pooping and peeing during the 22 hours we’ll be bouncing around.  The boys have been staying with Lewis, Terri, Jake, and Lucy—all of whom have gone far beyond the call of duty—but we’re all ready to get back to normal.  Incidentally, that means the boys don’t get Loop credit.  If you don’t travel, on your boat, across the Gulf, you didn’t do the Loop.

Anyway, tomorrow we face two-footers or four-footers, depending on who you trust.  Nothing Misty Pearl can’t handle, but some Divine intervention on the luck front would be ok by us.


* From the REK version of the Steve Earle classic.  By the way, is it plagiarism to steal a prayer?

Your thoughts?

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