Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider

Saturday in West Palm Beach means the Green Market.  Yum.  We loaded up with deliciousness for later.

Sunday was the day for exploring.  We had a list.  First up, the Downton Abbey exhibition.  We admit it’s lame to go look at stuff from a TV show that’s been canceled, but despite Lady Mary’s unexpected trampiness and the unacceptably untimely death of Lady Sybil and Cousin Matthew, we decided to go.  As far as the lobby.  Because tickets were $35 each.  So we got to see a model of Downton and some costumes, but at least it was well worth the nothing we paid.

The murals around town are plentiful, and because they’re free we enjoyed them immensely.  On the walk back to the taco place we passed our favorite.

img_7215At the taco place Dana spotted a couple who looked just like Jeff and Terri from Change of Pace.  Wait a second.  It WAS Jeff and Terri.  And Marshall and Judy (Let’s Go).  We last saw Let’s Go at Green Turtle Bay.  Now they’re all off to the Bahamas.  Safe travels.

As we crossed the bridge towards the beach, Misty Pearl sat in her slip pretending like getting in there was easy.

Next on the list?  The Flagler Museum.  This Flagler guy was a big deal around Florida.  The museum used to be his house.

It actually was pretty cool.  Most of the stuff was over the top, of course, but Doug did decide that our next house simply must have a drawing room.

Dana walked down the grand staircase like Daphne after Daphne discovered that Harry Bright Dashwood was her father but before she went bad and ended up in a rehab place for “mental patients.”  Our bet is that it was the first time—ever—that someone walked down the grand staircase in a Bobby’s Fish Camp t-shirt, although Bobby’s does have the self-proclaimed “Best Catfish in The South.”

Finally, a quick walk down to the beach.  It’s an okay beach but nothing like Delray.

img_7225We missed the sunset last night because we were watching Justified.  Plus—being from Arizona and all—the whole time-change thing confused us.  Thanks to that time change, however, this morning we were up to watch the sunrise as we prepped to get underway.

As seems to be the case every day we travel, we passed some interesting stuff on the cruise up to Stuart.  For instance, we saw a $10 million boat being towed by a $10,000 boat.


That friends is why you should change your fuel filter regularly.   But seriously.  The big boat probably has four huge engines and redundancy across the board.  Hard to figure out what could have crippled it unless terrorists were involved.

At the north end of Lake Worth is the marina where Tiger Woods keeps Privacy, which at 150-feet is about average for the boats around here.  Unfortunately we had to make a hard left on the ICW and would’ve had to wait a long time for the next bridge opening if we’d gone to rubberneck.  Anyway, it’s right behind these buildings, unless it isn’t.

Tiger Woods’ house is in Jupiter.  Not the house in Windermere that Elin got in the settlement, but the other one.  Here it is, concealed by the trees.

003A4218Don’t celebrities know that it’s rude to hide the stuff that gawkers want to see?

Know what else is in Jupiter?  The Orchids of Asia Day Spa.  We didn’t stop by, of course, because we aren’t that kind of people.  People like Robert Kraft, that is.  We’ve no idea why it didn’t occur to the billionaire owner of an NFL franchise—albeit the cheatingest franchise in all of sports—to follow Tiger’s lead and just pick up a desperate Perkins waitress for a parking lot quickie.*

There aren’t many lighthouses to be seen along the ICW for obvious reasons, but we did spot one today.

It’s actually one of the prettier ones.  Our friend Erin recently informed us that Michigan has the most lighthouses of any state.  She’s from Michigan, of course, so thinks that’s a bigger deal than it really is, although we do find them dang cool.  And we admit that we enjoyed climbing up a few of those cool ones ones on the shores of Lake Michigan.

We also hit a stretch of the ICW that strangely reminded us of Canadian canals, but with more mangroves.

Immediately upon docking we spotted a gray American Tug that looked very familiar.

How’s this for crazy?  Before we settled on Misty Pearl, we visited the American Tug factory in La Conner, Washington.  We got to climb aboard a gray boat that was awaiting final touches outside on the deck.  Yup, same boat.  It gets even weirder.  While inside the factory we saw the freshly-painted hull of a green boat that at the time lacked innerds.  That boat coincidentally just left here.

Tomorrow we’ll explore Stuart.


* When they were little, the girls used to think the line that titles this post was quite funny.  Robert Kraft probably would find it even less funny than we did.

Your thoughts?