Spread your arms and hold your breath

While in Orange Beach, we missed Mallory’s college roommate’s great-aunt and -uncle by mere seconds.   They chased us the first part of the Loop in their Grand Banks Trust Your Cape, then passed us when we stopped at The Wharf.  We headed to Marathon and they cut across Okeechobee to their home outside of Stuart.  We turned up the St. Lucie River basically to finally meet them.

Great folks, and not just because they brought over a car we could use to re-provision.  They also hosted us for a wonderful evening at their home.  But even without all that we really enjoyed them.  Jack even sang that Guy Clark classic while playing a guitar he made himself.  Way cool.

When we docked yesterday we focused so much on the American Tugs that we only gave a sideways glance at Tanuki, a Great Harbor N37 we first met on Staten Island more than nine months ago.  Jerry and Sam stopped by to chat.  Fortunately they’d gone into the city when we docked at Great Kills Yacht Club, so they missed what was our worst docking experience prior to Palm Harbor.

Over on B Dock, we found yet another sister Selene 43, this one a non-Looper named Duet.  Unfortunately nobody was home.

Even more unfortunately, nobody was home on Josephine.  Josephine is a Selene 59.  We would’ve given up wine (for a day or two) to get a look aboard.  Gorgeous boats.

Anyway, the point is that Sunset Bay was a pretty cool stop.  Lots of friendly people and interesting boats.

Tomorrow off for the short trip to Fort Pierce.  We have business to conduct with some Navy SEALS.

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  1. Karsten and Peggy Malmos (Duet hull #1) had just driven home to NJ. They have made at least 20 trips up and down the ICW.

    1. Crap sorry we missed them. We’ve met—or at least seen—most of the 43s on the east coast.

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