We’re in seat 15, seat 15


The worst thing about leaving Stuart for Fort Pierce is that we left empty handed in terms of Poop.  That’s the local pump-out boat.  We didn’t need a pump out, but we wanted to get a photo of Poop.  Oh well.  We’ll live.

Big wind yesterday but we took off anyway.  Pretty much big wind the whole way.  The Fort Pierce municipal marina said to radio when we reached the bridge.  We did, and they said “Come on in.”  We did, and they said “Oops, we need to dock a couple of other boats first.”  “Watch out for the wind and the current.”  After we spent fifteen minutes or so fighting to keep off the rocks, they told us to come on around.  But “Watch out for the wind and the current.”  In fact, they kept repeating the warning.  And we got in just fine.  See how that works Palm Harbor?

Today was a visit to the Navy SEAL museum.

We know a bit about the SEALs, because from the comfort of our towels and umbrellas we’ve seen them training on the Coronado beach.  We’ve shared special moments sort of near them in Danny’s Palm Bar.  But this was extra extra cool.  No replicas here.  Real stuff.

Like a Blackhawk helicopter that actually was in the Blackhawk Down Mogadishu engagement.

There was a great exhibit on the operation that took down Osama bin Laden.  And the actual lifeboat from the Maersk Alabama, with the bullet holes and blown-out window.

So tonight we watched Captain Phillips again.  If you’re a Somali pirate in a hijacked lifeboat and U.S. Navy ships with SEAL snipers pull up so they can draw a bead on your forehead, you probably should rethink your life choices while you still have the chance.  Anyway, there also were weapons and boats and a bunch of other cool things.  This museum is on the must-see list for sure.

The other best thing about today was The Lower Place showing up unexpectedly.  A fun dinner followed.  We love us some Charlie and Robin.

One more thing.  Two days ago was the one-year anniversary of us leaving Arizona to move on a boat.  To paraphrase Professor Nathaniel Burke, in the past year we’ve learned a thing or two because we’ve done a thing or two.

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